The 1st Date Blueprint

The Step-By-Step Guide to the Perfect 1st Date

Hosted by Laurel House, Celebrity Dating and Relationship Coach


You Will Learn...

How To Get On The Date

Who makes the initial contact? What do you say and how do you say it? How much back and forth is good?

What To Do On The Date

What is the purpose of the date? How deep should the conversation get? Who pays the bill?

What To Do After The Date

Should you text or call after the date? Who should initiate and when? What do you say if you like/don't like them?

The 1st Date Sets The Tone For The Relationship

Dating is a STRATEGY, and I've got THE proven strategy. 

After the webinar, you will be ready to get out there and truly SHOW UP as your best, most authentic, cool, calm, joyful, and on purpose self.

You will be attractive and attracting. You will be magnetic and you will be able to pull in and fully feel and experience whatever positive abundance you are so craving.

And until you’ve got this, I’ve got you.

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It’s your turn! And it’s your time! Because you are worthy of love – for yourself, from another, and for another. You deserve to feel happy, fulfilled, and like you have a purpose in life that’s more than your work, friends, fun, or family.


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